How To Friday: Facebook for 2012

Michael Krynauw, Facebook Innovation Manager at their SA re-seller Habari Media, talks to us about Facebook’s new timeline feature + their new advertising model, as well as providing some of the latest stats on Facebook usage in South Africa. How To Friday’s are  twice monthly tech advertising based educational talks held at Ogilvy for staff and clients.

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How To Friday: Michael Krynauw on Facebook Marketing

One of the things we do at Ogilvy Cape Town is to bring in external inspirational people to help educate our staff more on the digital marketing world.

Michael Krynauw looks after Facebook in South Africa and works for Habari Media (Facebook’s reseller in SA). Mike kindly popped by to talk about Facebook in South Africa and share with us the stats, best use case studies, and competition legalities for tv, print, radio, and online. Think of this as your 2011 guide to facebook marketing in South Africa.