Winning SA Cannes Lion Work So Far…

So far we have 11 Cannes Lions coming home to South Africa, pretty much all of it for traditional categories (see agency results table below). With a few more days to go we still have chances of winning in Cyber, Radio, Press, Design, Film, and more, so should be an exciting time ahead.

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Day 2 Cannes

Winning work so far

Promo and Activation
2 x Silver Lions for Y&R South Africa // Hope Soap

1 x Bronze Lion for Draft FCB Cape Town // Vital Viral Boost: The Worlds smallest Idea

1 x Silver Lion for Joe Public // Brothers for Life: Shed light on rapeShed Light on Rape

1 x Bronze Lion for Ogilvy Johannesburg // KFC: Journey of hope

1 x Silver Lion for Draft FCB Cape Town // Engen: Fire blanket

2 x Silver Lions for Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town // Volkswagen

48107-VW Jigsaw Awards + 50mm border.indd48107-VW Jigsaw Awards + 50mm border.inddDont-text-and-drive-campaign-1Dont-text-and-drive-campaign-2Dont-text-and-drive-campaign-3

1 x Silver Lion for TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris // Doom: Wall of shoes

1 x Bronze Lion for Y&R South Africa // Land Rover

Land_Rover_Okavango DeltaLand_Rover_Sani PassLand_Rover_Zimbabwe Highlands

1 x Bronze for TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris // Nampak Toilet paper



SA Cannes Lions Winners: Day 4

Saturday saw the last of this years Cannes lions being handed out for Titanium & Integrated, Film, Film Craft, and Branded Content & Entertainment categories.

South Africa managed to pick up another 2 awards with King James winning a Bronze for their Sanlam work feat Sir Ben Kingsley for film, and Ogilvy Cape Town getting a Gold for Carling Black Label’s Be The Coach work in Branded Content & Entertainment. See the winning work below: (For all the Cannes winners go )

Gold for SAB “Be the Coach” // Ogilvy Cape Town // Branded Content & Entertainment

Bronze for Sanlam “Sir Sneaky” // King James // Film

SA Cannes Lions Winners: Day 3

SA walked away with a fantastic total of 14 awards last night, 8 for Radio and 6 for Press.

DDB, NET#WORK BBDO, and TBWA all did incredibly well, DDB for their fantastic McDonalds press work, and NET#WORK BBDO yet again dominated Radio with great spots for Mercedes and Chicken Licken.

Ogilvy South Africa’s Johannesburg office also picked up their first Lion this year for Greenpeace, and Ogilvy Cape Town snatched yet another award, this time for a Stimorol Taste Twist Radio ad  (Both Bronze awards).

South Africa seem to be really strong internationally at traditional advertising, lets hope we can swing with the same strength towards the newer mediums.

See the results and work below.


McDonald’s, Kids Party // DDB Johannesburg // Print Restaurants & Fast Food, and Illustration (Gold x 2)

Mcdonalds Monster BillyMcdonalds Monster TheodoreMcdonalds Monster Tiffany

Enterprise, Mother in-Law & Mommy’s boy // TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS Johannesburg // Print Savoury Foods (Silver)

Mother in LawMummys-boy

Road Lodge, Alarm, Natures Call, Late Night TV // TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS Johannesburg // Print Travel, Transport & Tourism (Bronze) [Work not found]

Die Burger, Blanket // Draft FCB Cape Town // Print Publications & Media (Bronze)

BlanketMcDonald’s, Cuckoo Clock, Trophy // DDB Johannesburg // Print Copywriting (Bronze)

clockclio trophy


Mercedes, Cabo Reunion, Boss // NET#WORK BBDO Johannesburg // Radio Cars & Automotive Services, and Best Scriptwriting (2 x Gold)


DOOM Super Multi Insecticide, Colony, Secret // TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS Johannesburg // Radio Household (Bronze) [Work not found]

Benzac Anti Acne Cleansing Cream, Farts // NET#WORK BBDO Johannesburg // Radio Pharmacy (Bronze) [Work not found]

Chicken Licken, halitosis, Bacteria // NET#WORK BBDO Johannesburg // Radio Restaurants & Fast Food Outlets (Bronze)


Greenpeace, Miriam, Michael, Daughter, Reunited // Ogilvy Johannesburg // Radio Public Health & Safety, Public Awareness Messages (Bronze)

Kraft, Stimorol TasteTwist – Choir // Ogilvy Cape Town // Radio Best Use of Music and/or Sound Design (Bronze)

DOOM Super Multi Insecticide, Colony, Secret // TBWA\HUNT\LASCARIS Johannesburg // Radio Best Scriptwriting (Bronze) [Work not found]