Design Indaba 2015 Day 1 Overview

It’s that time of year again, suddenly you realise it’s almost the end of February and wonder how you got here so fast, it’s also time for the annual Design Indaba.
The Design Indaba is one of the world’s best design, creativity, and innovation conferences, it brings together industry thought leaders from around the world for 3 days of inspiring talks in Cape Town.
Design Indaba

The day kicked off traditionally as normal with a talk from a local ad agency, this time around it was Joe Public. Owners Xolisa Dyeshana and Pepe Marais took the stage to talk about their belief that design needs to have a purpose, and theirs is to help solve and draw attention to some of SA’s social issues (e.g. watch One School at a Time).
They also shared their latest campaign in partnership with Nedbank, they’ve set up idea ATMs in the foyers at the Design Indaba conference. The idea is to have the public deposit ideas on how to solve South Africa’s social issues, the best ides will be made real.
Next up was Dutch industrial designer Hella Jongerius. Her impressive range of work is renowned for it’s innovative and soulful approach. Much of her work focuses on creating a better lasting relationship between an object and people, have a look at to see some of the work.

UK Digital Design and Dev studio The Workers shared their IK prize winning incredible interactive project that they did for The Tate gallery in London. The work they did was fantastic, rather that talk about it just watch the short clip below….wish we had done it.

Stanley HainsworthStanley Hainsworth, founder of agency Tether, and ex-creative director for Nike, Lego and Starbucks was up next with his great haircut (see pic). He has a lot of interesting insights on human behaviour, and shared how he uses lessons he learned as an actor in his everyday business career (e.g. sussing out what’s really going on in big meetings etc). His work is far too varied to cover in detail here but look him up at and check out Tether to see some of his great work.


Naeem Biviji of Kenya-based Studio Propolis shared how his company has learned to love and work well with the challenges and opportunities involved in opening a design workshop in Kenya. He shared the story of his work creating a cathedral in Kenya’s capital.

Design Grad Students
A highlight every year at Design Indaba is the design school graduates, 8 students from design schools around the world who present their work Pecha Kucha-style at the conference. Click on the names below to read more about the fantastic projects they shared.
Doremy Diatta – Design for health.
Marc Dubois – Interaction designer who designed “Open Controllers” using smart phones.
Teresa van Dongen – Combining Design, Science, and Biology to make light.
Tyler Pratt – Designing a personal product line.
Kathryn Fleming – Exploring the intersections of science, art and technology (and making 6 legged cat dog hybrid animals).
Tia Blassingame  – The art of letterpress printing to explore the relationship between race, history and perception.
Ackeem Ngwenya – Designing the Roadless Wheel.
Carla Kreuser – Creating Stories using a combination of illustration and poetry.

Burning Man Foot
Larry Harvey, co-founder of Burning Man shared his story of Burning man from it’s founding in 1986 in San Francisco’s Baker Beach to the global festival it is today that takes place in over 50 countries. He talked about how the community has been created using a bohemian and “giving” approach, and how the art there is all designed with a social purpose, that people actively engage with it.


The final speaker of the day was long time host Michael Bierut who is a partner at the world famous Pentagram Design Studio. Michael gave a fantastic talk on How To Change The World With Graphic design. He also shared some of his incredible work and announced the news for the first time that in November he will launch his book, How to: Use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, and (every once in a while) change the world.
Below is the logo that changed his life and got him interested in design, it was for a trucking company and his parents pointed out how the L is lifting the A…he was in awe…the rest is history.
Clark Logo
He shared some of his recent projects, including re-designing all the signage and Street Maps for New York City for the Department of Transport, helping design the signage for the New York Times, designing a series of School libraries, revamping the Saks 5th Avenue brand, and creating a modifiable design pack for MIT Labs.

Meet the 2015 Ogilvy Grads

Meet Kara Levy, from Red & Yellow and Glenn Kisela from UCT, the newest additions to the Ogilvy Graduate Program (OGP). They started with us on the 2nd of Feb and we will be checking in with them throughout the year to find out what they’re up to, what they’ve learned and how life at Ogilvy has been treating them – but for now let’s get to know them a little better.

Glenn Kisela
Kara Levy









Q: List three things we might not know about you


  • I am a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to recycling e.g. paper and plastic and saving water (turn of the tap when you are brushing your teeth!) and try my best to make others the same.
  • I am a bit of a tom boy at heart but am trying my best to not be, in line with this I have a sneaker fetish and buy a pair every few months/weeks to feed my addiction.
  • I was a mistake, my siblings are in their 40’s and I was an aunty at the age of 10.


  • I can speak French
  • I almost started a career in Accounting
  • Emma Stone is my celebrity crush

Q: You are new to the Ogilvy family, what is one thing you have learnt during your time here?

Glenn: That this really is a family and not just a business. Everyone has been super helpful and friendly which makes the world of a difference when you start a new job. On my first day I was made to feel like I belong.

Q: Which department have you decided to spend your first two months?

Kara: I have decided to spend my first 2/3 months in client services. I thought it would be a great place to start because you are exposed to all facets of the business whether it be dealing with clients or dealing with the creatives and their brilliant ideas.

Glenn: Ogilvy PR.

Q: Which department are you off to next?

Kara: I haven’t really decided yet, probably PR or Ogilvy One because I want to get some exposure to digital as I haven’t been exposed to it properly yet – so that should be an exciting next step.

Glenn: Still deciding between Ogilvy One and Client Services.

Q: Describe your emotions throughout the Grad selection process in 7 words or less:

Kara: Hesitant, confused, demotivated, determined, satisfied, nervous, excited.






Volkswagen Genuine Parts: Haunted Road TV Ad

VW The Singing Children of the R33
Following the successful Haunted Road radio campaign, we launched a Haunted Road cinema and TV ad that flighted during the December holidays. The spot promotes the benefits of fitting Volkswagen Genuine Parts, and not breaking down on these scary roads.

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Gotz
Copywriter: Dean Paradise and Cuanan Cronwright
Art Director: Matthew Pullen
Producer: Cathy Day
Director: Matthew Pullen and Dean Paradise
Editor: Andrew Pullen

Ad Highlights from the 2015 Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2015 ads

This year is Super Bowl XLIX, and now a 30sec TV ad sells for $4.5m. Below are some of the main ad highlights from last nights Super Bowl. The game saw last years winners, the Seattle Seahawks, go up against the New England Patriots and lose it in the last 20seconds, the last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl was in 2004.

Dodge // #DodgeWisdom

Clash of Clans // Revenge (there were lots of mobile gaming ads this year)

Carnival Corporation //  Come Back To The Sea

Coca-Cola //  #MakeItHappy

McDonald’s: //  Pay With Lovin’

Nissan // With Dad

Weight Watchers // All You Can Eat

Budweiser // #BestBuds (Puppy Ad)

BMW i3 // Newfangled Idea

Newcastle Brown Ale // #BandOfBrands

SNICKERS // The Brady Bunch

T-Mobile // #KimsDataStash

mophie // “All-Powerless”

Squarespace // ( Go to

NBC Nascar // America Start Your Engines

Bud Light // #UpForWhatever


GrubHub //  Because Burrito!

Doritos // The Middle Seat

Chevy // #ChevyColorado (Super Bowl Power out)