Chappies Edible Street Art across South African

Chappies Edible Street Art

In January we helped local iconic bubble gum brand, Chappies, pay tribute to its fans by creating and sharing six edible street art pieces, each inspired by “Did You Know?” facts submitted by South Africans. The largest of the six murals took 177 681 pieces of Chappies to create, about 15 hours to complete – and not surprising less than 15 minutes to be eaten by the ever eager fans. The above clip shows an quick and easy overview of the work. Enjoy.

The edible art went up on walls in Cape Town, in Woodstock, Khayelitsha, and at Cape Town Station. The Johannesburg edible art went up on 4th Ave, Parkhurst, at Arts on Main, in the Maboneng Precinct, and in Greenside. The campaign was put together by us, and the edible art was built by SJ Artists.


DID YOU KNOW Chappies was introduced in the late 1940’s by Arthur Ginsburg who worked for Chapelat, a Johannesburg confectionery manufacturer? The name ‘Chappies’ is derived from the then company name Chapelat, which was apparently named after Miss Chapelat. The “Did You Know?” concept has been part of the Chappies history since nearly the beginning. And where did all those questions come from? The ‘Three Wise Men’ was a popular quiz programme on Springbok Radio which inspired the DID YOU KNOW facts. The “Did You Knows?” have taught South Africans countless weird and wonderful facts for over 60 years. They’ve also helped settle a few arguments in the process! Did You Know that up to 7 million Chappies are bought every day.

Chappies: Edible Street Art Installation

The above clip is some work we did yesterday for Chappies. It’s the first of 6 edible street art installations that will appear over the coming weeks in South Africa. The above was made at the Woodstock station. Each piece of art depicts a winning fact that was submitted by South African Chappies fans. The above uses the following fact – Did you know that the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” contains every letter of the alphabet?

Below are some pictures from the event, just click on them to see the larger versions.

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Chappies #DidYouKnow Competition

Recently Chappies made 12 fantastic retro notebooks. Because it’s good to share we decided to give away 5 of these to people that submit the best “Did You Know” facts to the @ChappiesSA twitter handle using the hashtag #DidYouKnow. The competition closes at the end of today, with the winners being selected by real Chappies Did You Know writers. Below is one of them hard at work looking at the submissions so far, we will let you know who the winners are tomorrow. To see our other latest Chappies campaign go to